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In 2006, a group of professionals who passionately believed in the valuable role of research identified the drivers of growth to challenge business owners and entrepreneurs in the way they build and develop their organisations in ways that achieve lasting impact.

Since then, this group has researched hundreds of small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) and translated this knowledge into a suite of tools and programs. These interventions are delivered by these same professionals, coupled with theory and industry insights from experienced business leaders who have “been there and done it”.

Together, BIG is passionate about supporting ambitious business owners and leaders with personal and organisational improvement and growth. We use research based insights to define the drivers of success and challenge convention through practical tools and programmes that achieve lasting results for you, and your organisation.

About us

We are passionate about supporting ambitious business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs with growth and performance improvement.  We use research insights that identify the drivers of growth to challenge convention and offer practical ways that achieve lasting results for you and your organisation.

Understanding growth

Of central debate amongst governments, academics and the business are the factors that define the sustainable economic growth of SMEs. We all still have much to learn about the practices that SMEs use to improve and grow. In order to address this knowledge gap, BIG is working in association with a number of leading institutions around the world to develop new thinking on SME growth and performance.

Delivering growth

Business. Improvement. Growth. offers a secure and confidential environment to share and to learn, all with the aim of helping business owners and leaders improve and grow. The BIG suite of programmes provides facts about business improvement and growth, and creates an environment for knowledge sharing and learning. Our techniques and approach use the latest in management thinking on which to base practical change.

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22nd March 2019

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